New York Fossils
Caumsett Site - Cretaceous exposure in Long Island with concretions and red shale containing spectacular leaf and branch fossils of magnolia and sassafras.  The cell structure of the branches is very detailed.  It's very rare to find a open flower like this one.  The fossils were originally from Connecticut and were carried/deposited by a glacier.

New York Fossils from LaFayette near Syracuse (Devonian age)
A beautiful Michelenoceras.
Photo provided by Joe.
A well preserved trilobite.
Photo provided by Joe.
Three trilobites (Flexicalymene?) demonstrating an outstretched, a partially enrolled, and a fully enrolled position.
Photo provided by Joe.
A large horn coral.
Photo provided by Joe.

Still digging (I mean scanning) fossil photos!  Please come back later...

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