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My knives are never dull, even before I sharpen them

Guaranties and Legal Disclaimer For Sale

The prices of the knives I sell vary based on the cost of materials used and the time and effort it takes to make them. Prices don't reflect how easy or hard they sell. And my prices don't reflect the cost to resharpen or repair them. All knives, regardless of steel type or manufacturer, will get dull with use, will get dull faster with rougher use, and will rust if mistreated. I use top quality materials from reputable suppliers and I pay premium prices for these materials. I don't sell my knives multiple times their true value to cover the costs of repairs, maintenance, or resharpening. Cost to repair or resharpen is extra; therefore you pay for what you need whenever you need it and not in advance. My knives are 100% handmade in the USA. I do NOT use water jet cutting, milling machines, CNC machines, jigs or any type of aids or short cuts. I own and use very basic (low-tech) machines such as grinders, drill presses, files, and dremel tools. Therefore all my knives are unique, and very, very few might have a slight blemish. Blemishes will not interfere with the performance of the knife. And I do reduce the cost of the knife if there are blemishes. Please view all photos before purchasing any of my knives or steel art. I will point out any blemish in the description. I choose how much to deduct from the cost of the knife. I do take custom orders but only from returning customers.

I mainly use these suppliers:
Alpha Knife Supplier
Knife Kits
NJ Steel Baron
Peters' Heat Treating
USA Knifemaker

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: When buying or owning my knives or steel art, you take on all responsibilities regarding the ownership of the knives or steel art. You are responsible with understanding the knife laws in your area. All my knives are sharp, very sharp, crazy sharp, and even unnecessarily too sharp. You are responsible for any injury or damage that they might and will cause. By the action of purchasing, owning, or using my knives you agree to accept all responsibilities and will NOT hold me or my affiliates responsible for ANY illegal activities or lawsuits.

I only sell knives to adults, do not contact me if you are under age. You are not allowed to buy, trade, own, or use my knives or steel art if you are under age.

By the action of purchasing, owning, or using my knives you agree to accept all responsibilities for the care of the knives.

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